In the beginning

My sister helped me come up with the name "Knymphette." It's supposed to be a play on "knit" and "nymph", so I guess I'm a knitting nymph? Or do I knit for nymphs? Hm. Either way, I like to knit a lot. I've been knitting for a few years now, and finally decided to create a blog about it. I'll back track a bit....

In the beginning.....there was bright green and blue yarn and size 6 needles, which was then knit into a scarf. Isn't that how all knitters begin? Tiny needles because we didn't know anything about sizes and gauges, and that knitting a scarf on size 6 needles would take FOREVER. We just want to learn how to knit, and scarves are the easiest. That scarf took almost a year to complete while I wised up and found size 19 needles, and quickly knit up scarves as gifts in the meantime.

Then, I received a copy of Stitch n' Bitch, and a whole world of knitting opened up to me. It was amazing. I had no idea there was so much to learn.

Well, the thrill of garter st. and stockinette st. scarves wore off, and I was looking to make a more exciting scarf. Then I came up with this:

Ok, so I used garter st. on this one, but the squares of garter st. are looped together with 2 strands of the blue and green decorative yarn. Yes, I used a tapestry needle and strung the yarn through each stitch by hand. I learned about wrapping later, which would have been perfect for this project. Anyways, I like my "peacock" scarf, and it's a perfect light, spring scarf.