Coming up to the present...

Then came the leaf pattern. This is what really did it for me. I fell in love - head over heels style. This one pattern opened up so many possibilities for me. I've used it in many ways - leaf earrings, peas in a pod pins, flowers, and leaves and berries pins. I originally came up with this pattern because I wanted to make peas in a pod pins, and turned into so many other projects, all of which I put in my Etsy shop. This patten is also available in my Etsy shop now - But what I really love about this pattern is that it's perfect for using up those little bits of leftover yarn!

Next came an anatomical knitted heart. This one was made for a friend who was going in for heart surgery a couple of years ago. I thought she could use a new one, so I knitted her a heart. She asked her surgeon to put this one in instead, but he wasn't amused. Surgeons. At least she was amused, and her real heart is doing just fine now.

From that heart, came this heart.....smaller, and in the form of a necklace. The arteries have been revised a bit and shortened in this version.

I'll go along with the theme today and add my needle felted eyeball earrings and necklace. This was just a fun idea - no friends needing new eyes!