Fun & Fame. Fame? Hm.

So much for trying to blog the last 3 years of my knitting experience in order. I thought I could, but it seems I'll never get to the present at this rate. So, I'll just post one more of my favorite knitted pieces, and then post whatever, whenever. Here's my knitted power cord.....

It doesn't acutally plug into anything, but it's fun to wear as a decorative scarf. It got mentioned on BoingBoing a while back, and that's my claim to fame. That'll probably be it for me, as I've been so slow lately with my knitting, and in coming up with new projects. Oh, but I do have a pattern published in the current issue of Knitscene - Fall 2007. It's the Unexpected Red Capelet. My first pattern published:

Here's the original sketch. For some reason, I always put my current hairstyle on my drawings of girls. A confirmation that artists are obsessed with themselves?

2 shots on me before it's sent out. I'm happy with the way it turned out. It took 3 times to get it right though. The first one didn't drape right - too stiff, and the ribbed collar was too big and loose. The second one's lettuce edged bottom was too ruffly, and the collar was still too big. Ok, so I didn't rip it out all the way - I was trying to salvage what I could from the first round, but in the end I made more work for myself. Lesson learned. Don't be lazy. So I toned down the lettuce edge, and everything finally came together!