Mint Tea & The Making of Kombucha

It was a tea making morning! I made some fresh mint tea and started my very first batch of kombucha. First, I used a tip from my friend Phil and made sure that everything that I was working with was impeccably clean. I got a giant jar from my mom, who likes to collect glass jars, and wiped it down with hydrogen peroxide to kill any bacteria, which I think is a key step since I'm trying to grow good bacteria here. No unwanted free loaders!

Then I made a black tea (Earl Grey in this case). Traditionally kombucha is made with black tea, but you can use green or white tea also. I added a cup of cane sugar (also wiped the mixing spoon down w/ hydrogen peroxide to be safe) and let the tea cool to room temperature. Then I gently added my scoby (the mushroom-looking cluster above), given to me by my friends Phil & Sara of Rocks & Salt from their own kombucha mama.

Next I covered the jar with a paper towel and rubber band and set it in my pantry away from the light to grow for a week.

Wow, it got funky & smells sour - just what it's supposed to do! I also took Phil's advice and drank just a tablespoon of my kombucha and see how I felt for a day to make sure the batch was good and not hurting my insides. I'm happy to say that it sat well - success! I wiped down a couple of glass jars with more hydrogen peroxide and ladled my kombucha in and set it in the fridge. Now I have kombucha to enjoy all week!