Inspiration Behind 500 Fun Little Toys

I thought it would be fun to share the inspiration behind a couple projects from my book....

I love jade plants - they're the only plant that I've been able to keep alive b/c they're so low maintenance! I have a slew of them on my windowsill, but my Knit Jade Plant project from the book was inspired by one plant in particular....the one in the yellow pot shown here! It was given to my boyfriend and I for our housewarming party a few years ago by a very sweet couple of friends, and is a clipping from their own plant. We were told that it is a lucky money plant - well luckily, it's still alive and I'm still making a living on yarn and thread! 

The Sewn Ukulele is one of my faves. I may have gone overboard on including all the details, but I couldn't help it - it's modelled after my own lil' green uke! I've been practicing for over a year now, and we had our first debut recently. We played Somewhere Over the Rainbow at talent show at a good friends' wedding (Aimee of Hook & Matter), accompanied by electric guitar, vocals, and hula dance by fellow crafter Faune Yerby