My Second book, Color Knitting with Confidence!

I feel like I'm constantly working on "secret" projects that I can't share publicly, and I've been keeping this a secret all year! I'm happy to finally announce my second book, Color Knitting with Confidence! 30 colorwork patterns are featured, using 5 colorwork techniques - stripes, slip stitch, intarsia, stranded, and double knitting. I love color, and had so much fun coming up with the patterns and color combinations in this book. It touches little bit of every category - accessories, wearables, decor, and housewares. They make for great gift knitting, or even just quick knits for yourself!  So excited to share a few of my faves here!

Above is a slip stitch chevron rug, which can easily be customized to fit any space. Next to it on the right, is a double knit bumblebee trivet. Its colors are reversed on the opposite side, making it a sweet double sided project! Below, an intarsia knit world map makes for a unique piece for any home.  

An intarsia knit feather backpack is perfect for carrying snacks on a hike, and these chunky knit stripe and cable house socks are super cushy and comfy. Below, a stranded Fair Isle baby sweater features little fawns and even a heart at the center back. I love little details.

My book is available for order through my Etsy shop