Release the Nyan Cat!

This is Corey & I's first "KnitCore" project together, and we're pretty stoked about it. It's 24 x 36 inches of internet meme, Nyan Cat, embroidery, and wires. We made this as a late wedding gift for our friends Zach & Sally, who are the meme-iest people we know :) 

I chalked out the pattern and did most of the embroidery. Corey helped stitch the rainbow.  He mapped out the wire path for the LED sequins, and I stitched them together with conductive thread. We delved into each other's worlds a bit for this one, which is what made it a great project for us. He goes in depth on his blog with all the nerdy technical details of making the lights flash with musical accompaniment by the touch of the pop tart! 

Behind the scenes: