Up-cycled Embroidered Folding Chair

I love a good up-cycle, and this transformation really hit the spot! I wanted to give my old maroon, flat cushioned folding chairs a facelift because they were joyless. I opted for a pretty blue outdoor fabric from JoAnn Fabrics so it would be easy to clean off any spills. Plus it was a nice sturdy fabric that I figured would hold up to a lot of wear. And I used a memory foam seat cushion we already had from Muji to really fancy up this chair. Also, I wanted to add an embroidered element to make it unique, and decided on a simple feathery stitch design. 

The chair and seat backs were much easier to remove than I thought - they were attached with screws to a strong compressed cardboard. Once I got them off, I just covered the top piece with my embroidered fabric, and stapled over the existing maroon fabric and cushion. For the seat base, I removed the sad, flat foam, and replaced it with my springy, happy, supportive memory foam. I covered it with the blue fabric and stapled at the center of each side first to help give the fabric an even stretch all around. I continued stapling around the sides until they were covered, then folded in the fabric neatly at the corners (as seen below) and stapled them down. The longest part by far is the embroidery work! The rest can be done in well under an hour. 

Hope you enjoyed my chair makeover as much as I did!